About Us

Mission Statement:

Art is often viewed as a product of the interaction between an artist and his or her environment. ECOllective collects and disperses forms of expression that reflect the environments we live in. Whether celebrating our communities, marveling at the natural world, or exploring the landscape of our dreams and imagination, writers and artists can consider this a fitting expose of their work. We seek quality work of any genre that follows our same vision. If your work sketches out some aspect of the human, mental, or natural landscape, it belongs here.

A Little Background:

We, the editors, are students at the University of Mary Washington. This journal was created as a class endeavor with the support of professor and Pulitzer Prize winner Claudia Emerson. Though this is currently a one-time-only publication, we want to create a high quality online forum of arts and literature that is comparable to other contemporary online journals. Please help us reach that goal by submitting your own work, and make sure to return here after the submission deadline to see the finished product!

About The Staff