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Posted by: Elizabeth | 1st Apr, 2008

Waiting for the Tide at Manteo Beach, NC

Isabelle fastens the unforgiving
chain around his waist, the metal
ovals sucking hickeys on
his naked skin. She pauses to stare
at his still body, at what she
had considered for herself.
His arms strewn, as if
pinioned against the frigid,
shifting earth, Isabelle searches
the sky’s dense blackness that falls
upon her jaundiced face, her
cracked bluish lips, her
midnight eyes.
The icy water rushes
to swallow both of their heels, pausing
before retreating to the Atlantic.
She connects the cold metal chain
gripping his unconscious body to
a crumbing old cinder block.
An army of goosebumps charges up
her naked flesh as she backs up
the grassy shore and watches
the ocean return to
lick his calf and suck
at the crevice behind
his knee, a more experienced
seduction than he had tried on her
two months before
in the back of his father’s VW convertible.
The water continues to ingest
his body, climbing over his shriveled
testicles, his stringy pubic hairs, his frozen
purple nipples. The ocean
swells. It lifts his body, tossing
his thin, oily brown
hair, as it beats him. Yet,
the chain remains, pulling
him into the January darkness. The crown
of his head balances on the surface
of the water, as if a seabird
worn and tired
from a storm.